Bowden and Lucy

of b&l chocolate farm

B&L Chocolate Farm of Robertsdale, Alabama

B&L Chocolate Farm began with the love that my husband and I have for chocolate labs. Bowden and Lucy, the “B&L” of the farm were the first to become part of our family. We quickly formed a unique and special bond with these two that will forever remain in our hearts. Realizing our passion and admiration for these dogs, we decided to grow our family. Lucy had her first litter in 2015. I cannot describe the overwhelming joy that we got from watching her give birth to 8 precious puppies. That is when my husband and I decided that raising chocolate labs was going to be a part of our lives. In 2019 we expanded our lab family to include blacks and yellows, including whites and fox reds. Since we began raising labs, we have met and made friends with some amazing families that share our love for these precious animals.


Owners/Breeders: Christ Peacock and Staci Yates